Short Sales

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales

Move Out Relocation Fee
Did you know you could be eligible for up to $35,000 in relocation fees? Contact me for more details.

New HARP Refinance Plan
The new refinance plan announced by the government has some specific guidelines which you can read more about here. It allows you to refinance as long as you have made your last 6 payments or 11 of your last 12, without regard to loan balance. This program will NOT modify the amount the you owe, and may not be a good solution if you are significantly underwater. Please contact me for more details.

What is a Short Sale?
A short sale is a property sales transaction in which the seller’s mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff less than the balance due on the loan. In the transaction, the seller’s agent obtains an offer at or near the market value, and submits it to the lender. The seller’s agent, or seller’s agent’s negotiator coordinates the processing and negotiation of the file with the lien holders (lenders, HOA, taxes, etc). This process is ironically not short, as it can take up to several months. I maintain my own in house negotiator for best results, and excellent client care. At the current time, there are several legal and tax protections for sellers of short sales. Please see the above FAQs and resources.

How do I do a Short Sale on My Property?
First, you must assess if a short sale is the right way for you to go. If so, you need to hire a real estate agent who is experienced in short sales and knows how to persistently negotiate with the bank to get your short sale approved. I can provide a free, no-obligation consultation for you, to determine the pros and cons of the short sale for your situation. My team and I will guide you through the process. We know that you want to be inconvenienced as little as possible, so we coordinate limited showing times, we collect as many documents up front as possible, and we provide weekly updates.

Is a Short Sale the Right Choice for Me?
Each situation is different. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage or want to sell but are underwater, a short sale may be the right option for you. I can help you assess your situation to determine if a short sale is the right choice for you. The two most important factors are always the cost of the property monthly, and the distance the property is underwater. Current laws and lending guidelines, encourage short selling, and allow short sellers to buy new properties within 12-24 months after completion of the short sale.

The Key to Richard’s Short Sale Success
Richard has two experienced full time short sale processors on staff. They communicate daily with the banks, with the persistence required to get the sale approved

Richard’s team is well versed in all of the major banks’ short sale software and processes

Richard knows the correct steps to take to reach the final approval; nothing slips through the cracks

Richard has developed close contacts at many of the major banks, who can help get a short sale expedited

Richard has short sale outsourcing options available for agents who don’t want the hassle, or don’t have the expertise, to close a short sale

Richard has closed over 70 short sales, and has over 40 current short sales in process. These include all property types including land, condos, homes, multi-family and commercial properties, with values from $100,000 to over $3,000,000.

Richard has closed every short sale he has been given.

Further Personalized Information
For a confidential conversation regarding your personal situation, and more information or questions, contact me at (310) 482-0173 or [email protected].