Coaching Services

Our Elite Training Method for Agents


What Is Coaching?
Coaching is personalized, directed training for agents interested in taking their business to the next level. Coaching isn’t basic training on selling homes – it is training (for all ability and experience levels) on the running of a real estate business for a higher level of success.

Why Coaching?
Coaching allows a professional to look at your business and make modifications – big and small – to your business. A small change in trajectory can have a big difference in outcome.

My Philosophy
My favorite three real estate or business books are The 4 Hour Work Week, Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and The One Thing. I want to impart the wisdom in these books and from my own mega team. I focus on how you can put forth a concentrated energy into a leveraged, high-producing team.

My Background
I consistently sell 150 homes in a year or more. I believe in extreme leverage, and in focused, productive efforts. Work smart, not hard!

Services Offered
I pride myself on personalized coaching in a non-corporate environment. I take the time to get to know you, and your style and needs. I create individualized feedback and plans that will work for you. I get to know you on a personal level and allow you access to my team, methodologies, secrets of success, and day-to-day workings.

All coaching clients receive:
• Access to any live training events that I speak at, for free!
• Access to my weekly script calls
• Frequent phone calls: 15 minute, highly focused calls to help you achieve maximum results. More frequent, shorter calls yield better results than infrequent, longer calls.

Introductory Coaching
For new agents – a series of coaching classes designed to help agents hit the ground running, and avoid making rookie mistakes. Over 90% of new agents wash out of the business, mostly because they can’t learn the business fast enough to stay afloat.

One Time Coaching
Does your business need a quick tune up and evaluation? A one time, or small series of coaching session can identify weak spots, and help re-focus and revitalize your business.

If you want consistent coaching, accountability and follow up, a more consistent, intensive coaching program will generate the results you are looking for.

Team Coaching
If you have a team, admins or buyers’ agents, customized coaching for some or all of your team members can help group cohesion and productivity. Getting the most of your team members is the key to building a mega team.

Shadow a Mega Agent
Come watch my team and I function at a high level for a full day. Systems, process, lead generation and team building are covered.

For pricing and other inquiries, please contact me at (310) 482-0173 or [email protected].