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Investing in Land


Throughout my time in real estate, I have developed a comprehensive system to allow experienced and first time developers purchase and develop raw land.

Step 1: Identifying the land. After an initial consultation I will help you locate the perfect parcel. Whether it is a large tract of land in the Antelope Valley, or an ocean view site in Malibu, I will find it.

Step 2: Funding the project. Working with my many lending contacts throughout the nation will allow me to find you the best possible financing, which may include no money down and no monthly payments during the term of construction. Each loan is tailored to the individual client and project needs.

Step 3: Identifying a buildier. For smaller spec homes and subdivisions, I recommend going with a modular home builder, who can provide you with a high quality, home, bolted to a foundation that is absolutely indistinguishable from a home constructed on site. This reduces costs, eliminates the need for plans and elevations to be drawn and slashes construction time. For more information, please see the page entitled “Modular Homes.” If a modular home is not right for your project, I will help you identify the right contractor for the job.

Step 4: Fund the loan and begin construction. It is that simple. I will work with you during the permitting and construction process, helping you to more smoothly navigate the process to a successful close.